Coventry University – Cross channel campaign

This campaign was launched in late 2017 to drive recruitment to courses with low applications in the September 2017 recruitment cycle.

A secondary goal was to target a broader age range on the department’s social media channels, focusing on the age of prospective and current students (18-24 years) rather than the current age range which was 25-34 years (alumni, postgrad age) as well as drive more traffic to course pages from social media channels. 

Campaign Structure:

3 Different Types of Content:
Course Videos (in MOV file or GIPHY) , Central branded UCAS video, blog post to Coventry University; unCovered.

The Schedule:
Twice a week, one post being branded content to highlight Coventry University theme, second post course video with URL to course
page. Blog posted at start of campaign during Christmas Holidays to kick off UCAS initiative.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, using Google analytics and Link Shortened data tool to extract analytics.

The Results

– Good results across channels and website in age range slowly reducing to 18-24 demographic, despite following building at a rate of 25-26 followers per month previously. 
– Google Link shortener played small part in the flow of traffic from social to website, overall increases of around 35% compared to last month on respective course pages.
– Time spent on page improved to a good average (2-4 minutes) for new visitors, this was an increase is nearly 40% for some courses and new goal age range set to 50% or above.

A full copy of this campaign report can be sent upon request to prospective clients. Please contact me directly for more information.