House of Social – Project Co-ordination/Social Media Management

My first client as a freelancer – I joined House of Social whilst still living in my van and travelling the East Coast of Australia. My responsibilities include website management (editing and page creation via CMS, mapping out the website development process), account management (working with clients one on one, allocating work to developers and designers), social media management (including content creation) and content writing for website and landing pages.

2021 – Art of Kitchens 
I helped with the launch of this site in terms of content uploading, overseeing the development of the portfolio section (working with a designer for re-sizing, web developer for changes to design, working with SEO team to adjust content) I also performed several ‘site audits’ to check usability, as well as creating my own pages. This site was created on WordPress. 

2021 – Dustroy
I worked as the account manager for this site, liaising with another designer, content writer and web teams, as well as creating pages, writing copy and making adjustments to the website myself. I also set up the client’s Mailchimp account with Woocemmerce to sign up users who shop with the client to be directly added to their mailing list, as well as set up a downloadable option of the free purchase guide upon sign up. This website was created on WordPress and I worked with my agencies client directly (including meetings, extracting content from their old site etc).

2021 – Norwest
This company sits underneath their large parent company ‘Gallery Living’ (for which I performed an audit/content upload for) For the Norwest side, I uploaded the content, images and created the designs for the following pages:

2021 – Social Media Management
I worked as a social media manager for 3 HOS clients. I have shared a link for sample of one of the client’s social post to this portfolio. This Facebook/Linkedin post ran as part of a organic #FridayTips social theme, a ‘snippet’ of the client’s product was showcased in the form of a ‘free tip’ to build audience interest and showcase product value. This was posted every Friday and advertised organically on their Facebook stories mid-week.