Kayellofit – Social Media Management

In January 2021, I started working with Canada-based personal trainer Kayellofit as a social media manager. Her goals were to increase engagement and performance across her two social media accounts to employ a consistent brand across the channel in tone, topics and design.

After performing a competitor and market analysis, we agreed to take a professional approach to her accounts with a mixture of highly informative posts, and more light, approachable topics. This would ensure her account targeted both her current audience (those who shared an interest in the fitness industry and regular customers) and the lighter posts for prospective customers.

We used in-house tools for scheduling, Canva for design work and in-house analytics to keep day to day running costs low. All posts were organic and not boosted. Additional tools such as free trials of Hootsuite, hashtag generators, awareness calendars were also used occasionally to help review the market, perform deeper analysis of account performance and to research content ideas. Using these tools we were able to consistently review performance of posts and adjust posting times, post structure and content type as necessary.

Video, carousel images and stand alone images were used across both platforms.

A 6 month review offered the following results from our time working together:

Facebook: 5.1K  People reached – through organic posting only
6 net followers gained (428 – 440) / 1 unfollow
1.2k engagement

The highest performing Facebook post scored over 1,800 in reach, with over 1,600 non-followers of the account.

Instagram: (taking during time report was drawn up) through organic posting only
2.4 K impressions
466 reach on account/
1.3K followers (7 in past 7 days)
1.2k engagement   

Highest performing post scored over 800 in reach, with over 30% not following the account. 198 of these people found the account via hashtags applied to the content. 

Additional work can be found at @Kayellofit on Instagram and Facebook. Please note, these images have been marked as copy for the protection of the client.