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I am not accepting new client accounts or projects currently as a result of injuries experienced during a surgery earlier this year. I do however work with a range of freelancers/agencies in the UK, US and Australia who I can recommend during this period. I will be only working with current and returning clients for now. Please connect with me on Linkedin to stay tuned on my return and my #WalkForEndo2024 fundraising to support better care in womens health.

Digital Marketing Freelancer

After working in digital marketing for 7 years in both the UK and overseas, I have used a range of multi-channel marketing practices. I utilise tools based on data and performance, covering content creation, web/email/landing page development, account management and reporting through analytical measuring tools.

Social Media Management

Let’s start with building your content calendar, creating engaging content and regular scheduling to suit your algorithm. Insights, competitor analysis and brief monthly reviews included as standard.

Content Creation & Writing

Copy driven by SEO keyword analysis and competitor research Explore the power of content writing for blogs, service pages, print and website projects. 

Channel Audit & Strategy Plan

Learn from the guidance and expertise of an experienced marketer to DIY your approach. One-off audits and strategy plans provide a detailed analysis, with simple solutions to optimise your business.

Account Management

Build a rapport with the contacts that matter through customer centred account management services. From developing a scope of work, to allocating projects to talented marketing teams.

Portfolio of Works

  • Monash From Home – User generated retention campaign

    COVID-19 made it clear that the social media team at Monash University was part of the front lines for audience information and feedback. In response to the pandemic, we worked alongside other members of the crisis comms team to create and amplify strategic content. We realised if we couldn’t bring our campus community together physically…

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  • Create Your Warwick Story – Cross channel campaign

    Working at the Centre for Lifelong Learning at University of Warwick, one of the main projects in my role was to increase the interest and visibility of our courses through online activity. The Centre hosted a range of degree, masters and entry level options, creating a varied and complex audience group which differed greatly across product…

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  • Coventry University – Cross channel campaign

    This campaign was launched in late 2017 to drive recruitment to courses with low applications in the September 2017 recruitment cycle. A secondary goal was to target a broader age range on the department’s social media channels, focusing on the age of prospective and current students (18-24 years) rather than the current age range which was…

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What My Clients Are Saying

Natalie worked with us as a contractor and provided both website and social media content services. She was efficient and knowledgeable, and carried out tasks in a timely manner. She was very detail-focussed and great at juggling tasks.

— House of Social (Australia)

Natalie is a very professional and proactive freelancer. She completely dedicates herself to the projects and makes sure that all objectives and requests are met in a timely fashion. I would gladly work with Natalie again on any project regarding social media.

— Kayellofit (Canada)

Natalie is an absolute joy to work with! She takes challenges and runs with them, producing incredible results. She has a wide range of skills in digital marketing and isn’t one to shy away from complex tasks.

— Monash University (Australia)

Natalie is proactive, creative, and possesses both great technical web and digital marketing skills. She rapidly integrates into new waters with a flare of enthusiasm.

— Coventry University (UK)